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Tapping Into Your Money Story

A question that always results in a 'YES' is "Do you want more money?"

Of course we do because it can make life easier and more comfortable and even more so it allows you the freedom to follow your heart and soul.

There are so many things you can do to bring more abundance into your life, coming up with different ideas on the actions you can take that you know on an earthly level will allow you to earn more income.

But what if there was something else going on that is stopping infinite abundance from aligning with you and allow it to flow to you very easily.

Abundance is an energy and an energy you want to align with, it isn't something you can see or touch but something you feel.

Life experiences can cause energetic blockages and show up in ways such as beliefs that you hold that are then causing your relationship with money to be one that is not ideal.

In this 5 day healing experience you are going to start on your journey to healing your relationship with money, and releasing beliefs that are not serving you.

Are you ready to tap into your money story?

5 Modules

Day 1 | There is Never Enough!

The belief "There is never enough" is very common with your money story and in this module we are going to tap into this belief.

Day 2 | I am only given what I need

The belief "I'm only given what I need" is a very common experience when it comes to the amount of money we receive, and in this module we are going to tap into this belief.

Day 3 | Money can't be trusted

The belief "Money can't be trusted" is very common with your money story and in this module we are going to tap into this belief.

Day 4 | Money Isn't Spiritual

The belief "Money isn't Spiritual" is very common amongst healers, empaths and spiritual workers and in this module we are going to see where that is for you.

Day 5 | I am not worthy

The belief "I am not worthy" has shown to be the core belief for so many people when it comes to their money story.

To attract something or someone into your life feeling worthy is a very big part of your manifestation.

So whilst this is a big topic, today we will be tapping on your belief around your worthiness when it comes to money.

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