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Find Calm Within Your Chaos

Our poor nervous systems are absolutely overloaded and our capacity to cope is diminished.  A great analogy I learned is to think about your nervous system like a swimming pool and within that swimming pool are beach balls, just floating around, but the more stressors you have the more beach balls that get packed in.

This digital self-paced course is a 5 day experience to support you in implementing strategies that are going to help you to bring your physical body back on line, and giving your nervous system some much needed attention.

The strategies I teach you will support you in managing and reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Day 1 - Connect to Your Breath

Day 2 - Connect to Your Body

Day 3 - Connect to Your Thoughts

Day 4 - Connect to Your Feelings

Day 5 - Connect to Your Intuition

I trust this course will serve your highest good.

6 Modules

Day 2 - Connect To Your Body!

Day 3 - Connect To Your Thoughts!

Day 4 - Connect To Your Feelings!

Day 5 - Connect To Your Intuition!

Modules for this product 6
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